I was given my grandfather's Box Brownie when I was about 7 years old and have been making photographs ever since. I specialise in creative photography for design and advertising clients, producing images that are both original in style and executed to a high technical standard.  I also provide full post-production services and creative re-touching. Happy to work closely with art directors on commissions, from concept and pre-production, through photography to post-production, I also enjoy undertaking projects requiring a free interpretation.
As of June 2019, I have given up my still life studio in West London and now work from home. Due in part to the fundamental changes in commercial photography that make keeping a large studio an increasingly challenging overhead to maintain but also as part of an effort to seek new work in areas such as architecture and location that allow me to combine my commercial skills with my long standing personal interests.

With the trend towards ever increasing integration across creative disciplines and having worked extensively with design software over the years, I now also offer clients a range of graphic design services as a mainstream activity, whether in conjunction with my photographic work or as a stand alone service. I undertake work ranging from Illustrator artwork and logotype development through to InDesign layouts for digital online publications and hard copy printing. ​​​​​​​
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